ThinkCoin Uses Blockchain to Revolutionize Asset Trading

ThinkCoin is a cryptocurrency that will power people-to-people multi-asset trading in a decentralized and democratized trading network, TradeConnect. If you are looking for a more reliable way to do asset trading, let’s find out more about ThinkCoin and its trading platform in this review.

What Is ThinkCoin?

Before we learn more about ThinkCoin, it is important to know what TradeConnect is first. Just like what has been mentioned above, TradeConnect is a blockchain based multi-asset trading network. Even though it uses blockchain technology, but it is more suitable to call TradeConnect a hybrid trading platform.

This is because the trades are not processed in blockchain, which makes this service friendlier for traders who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, the trades are recorded in blockchain with smart contract. This platform combines the best of both world that results in convenience and also security.

To take advantage of the services in this platform, traders are of course required to pay some trading fee. This is where ThinkCoin will play its role. ThinkCoin will be the fuel of this platform. With this coin, users can conveniently do various trading activities and access the other services provided by TradeConnect.

The Problems It Sets to Solve

The trading world has been staying in a comfort zone for a very long time. Financial institutions are reluctant to explore new trading methods and traders are the ones that get the negative impact the most. One of the biggest trading problems nowadays is exorbitant charges. Traders don’t have no choice but having to pass several intermediaries to access the market.

It doesn’t only create high trading fee, but also financial risk. The more parties involved in trading, the harder it gets to keep the activity safe. Traders have to transfer their money to the broker’s account, giving control to a third party and there are many cases where the traders ended up losing their money because of this.

How It Works

Thankfully, TradeConnect and ThinkCoin has the solution for those problems. Simply by replacing the obsolete technology in conventional trading with blockchain, and a little bit of AI touch, asset trading will become much safer. Furthermore, it is also possible to use one platform to trade various types of assets and financial products.

As a peer-to-peer trading tool, ThinkCoin holders don’t have to rely on third party to perform a trading activity. Users simply have to download TradeConnect app, which is available for various smartphones. Login to their account and then place their trade. After that, Artificial Intelligence will match the trade with another individual, financial institution or even another broker who are looking for that specific product. Users need to pay the trading fee with ThinkCoin and the trade will be completed in seconds.


As the main currency for TradeConnect platform, ThinkCoin will make every trading activity and transaction in the platform safer and easier. TradeConnect has plenty of great advantages for traders such as digital personas, hybrid trading model and also a very secure smart contract. Therefore, purchasing ThinkCoin is certainly a great decision that will improve every user’s trading experience.

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