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Have you ever felt being scammed after visiting a website that looks like have what you need? Actually, this is a common thing that most internet user has to face today. And, they can’t do anything about it. Yes, they can write comment or testimonial regarding that website for providing the wrong information that what they promote. But, the effect of those words won’t be visible. Or, if it has an effect, it’s only in small scale. The website owner won’t have any problem to keep their website and the exact quality of the information that’d successfully fooled many people next time. Basically, internet users are always in the lower position without too much power to get their rights. However, the (OIO) project can be seen as a good sign, that there will be huge changes in the internet system.

Online io Logo (OIO) Project Solution

What Online project offered to internet user is the right to affect the website greatly than what the internet users currently have. The first thing that made us believe that the Online project can provide the solution that we need is the Blockchain technology. They use this technology as the base of their service. And, you must know that Blockchain is decentralization system. How its user interacts in it and involved in the project in Blockchain environment will affect the growth of the system. Therefore, by providing the internet service through this technology, the user or website visitor will have more power to affect on how the website should provide their content.

The Tokens

The Online project also supports the website visitor rights to get the best quality content by providing a feature where the internet user can rate or review the website that they access. Of course, the website with good rating or review will get more benefits and even rewards from the Online project.

The internet user will also get rewards from giving the review or rating on the website that they just visited. It’s called Trust token, which is the base of Trust Rating that is developed by the Online project. With this token, the internet user will get many things, such as a new avatar, skin for their avatar and even prizes. The existence of this rating token is a good thing because it will make the internet user review the website that they visited.

On the other hand, the rating system also becomes the trigger for website owners for developing better and helpful content. Website with bad rating won’t get any benefits, such as ICE tokens which is the main source of income for the website owner in the Online environment.


It’s all interconnected. The website owner has a good way to make money without spending too much budget for ads. The internet user will have the power to affect the quality of the content. Plus with good content is always available, they also get the best information that they need without worrying about the problem that we’ve explained in the first paragraph. So, are you interested to join this project and create a better place for internet user in the future?

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